LATEST UPDATE – The energy price cap from 1 April 2023 has been cut by £999 to £3,280. Because this is still higher than the Energy Price Guarantee, it doesn’t affect you. You will continue to pay the lower Energy Price Guarantee rates.

  • The energy price cap currently stands at £3,280; more than 3 times higher than energy tariffs were just 2 years ago.
  • The Energy Price Guarantee currently stands at £2,500 but is going up by £500 (+20%) to £3,000 on 1 April 2023.
  • As long as the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) is below the Energy Price Cap (EPC) you pay the EPG rates. Otherwise you pay the EPC rates. All clear?
  • Campaigners and charities are pushing the chancellor to keep the Energy Price Guarantee fixed at £2,500 until end June 2023. Jeremy Hunt will probably cave in to the charity mob. We’ll post an update here if that happens.

The Energy Price Cap SHOULD already be falling back to the £2,000 level. But it hasn’t. Why? Long story short, for the regulator, your sky-high energy bills are less important than energy supplier profits. Harsh but true..

On a more positive note, wholesale gas and electricity prices have now crashed so much (80% since August 2022) that competitive energy tariffs should be flooding the market right now. That hasn’t happened yet. But it will. Regulation is currently hindering the return of a competitive market. That has to change. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

In the meantime, you can find much more information about the new energy price cap and how it will affect you by reading our Energy Price Cap Guide..

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