Great reasons to switch your energy with energyscanner

  • Quick and easy search and apply - it takes just minutes from start to finish and you could save around £300.
  • energyscanner uses an award winning energy switching platform that is safe and secure.
  • Simple honest comparisons - no false claims about how much you will save and no disruption to your energy supply.
  • There are no charges and no fees - for any given tariff you get the same price as if you went with the supplier directly (but it's just much easier with us)

So what are you waiting for? It really is quick and easy. And did we say that you could save yourself £300?

Help me compare, switch and save money. I am a...

First Time Switcher

I'm on an expensive Standard Tariff and need help, quick!

Savvy Switcher

I’ve done it loads of times and know what I’m doing. I just want a better deal. Quickly.


I’ve just moved home (or am about to) and need help setting up the energy supply.


Me and my buddies are sharing a house. We need to get the bills down and split them up.

Small Business

1-10 employees. Typically spend less than £2,000 a year on energy

Medium Sized Business

11-250 employees. Typically spend less than £20,000 a year on energy

Large Business

250+ employees. Spend over £20,000 a year on energy. Have half-hourly metering.

This week's Featured Supplier

Learn all about Shell Energy...who they are, what they do, and why you might want them as your energy supplier

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I'm looking for other energy products and services

A collective switch

I want to join a collective switch so I can benefit from the bargaining power of a group

Green or Renewable tariffs

I feel the need to save the me do my bit

Smart Meters

I'd like to get a smart meter and want a cheap smart meter tariff to go with it

Boiler or Heating Cover

I'm looking for cover for my boiler and central heating system

Solar Panels

OK it doesn't shine that often but I'd still like to find out what my options are

Energy saving tips and gadgets

My energy use is out of control. I need help to cut back

Guides and Advice

How much can I save by switching my energy supply? – Latest

Savings from switching energy supplier currently stand at close to record levels, almost £400 a year. Even after the new price cap comes into effect they will still be over £320 a year.

Energy switching guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about switching your gas and electricity provider. How it works, how to do it and lots of other helpful tips.

What is the best way to switch energy supplier?

What is the best way to switch energy supplier? Online, over the telephone or some other way? This guide provides details of the best way to do it.

What to do if your energy supplier goes bust

Detailed answers to frequently asked questions and a handy list of do’s and don’ts. With 11 energy suppliers already having gone bust this is a guide you need to read.

Latest News

Toto Energy Goes Bust – what happens now

Toto Energy has ceased trading. Who is Toto Energy? Why did they go bust and what happens next? All your questions answered in a short handy guide.

Energy Price Cap – Economy 7 Customers Get Totally Ripped Off

Think a £117 increase in energy bills is bad enough, then you might be one of the lucky ones. In this article we show how some energy consumers have seen their Economy 7 night rates increase by as much as 60% under the Energy Price cap.

First Utility is rebranded as Shell Energy

First Utility is rebranded as Shell Energy. Learn what it means for existing and new customers, what the product offering is and why it will be a big deal.

Brilliant Energy Goes Bust – what you need to know

Brilliant Energy is the 11th energy supplier to go bust. What happens next? All your questions answered in a short handy guide.