About energyscanner

Here is a brief overview of what we are about and what we are aiming to deliver. Energy markets around the world are changing. Globally energy markets are being liberated bringing the benefits of competition to 100’s of millions of consumers. Fossil fuels are a finite resource. While there is little agreement over how much longer they will last, they will eventually run out. Climate change is real – well we certainly believe it is. New energy technologies are emerging at a prolific pace. Spanning everything from smart metering in homes and business, through to electric and hydrogen vehicles on the roads, smart grids to better manage the efficiency, reliability and security of energy distribution and energy supply and solar, biomass and other renewable generation technologies to decarbonise our energy consuming economies. Even economically viable nuclear fusion may become a reality in the next 20 years. Against this backdrop consumers are facing a bewildering array of choices and decisions. Who should they choose to supply their energy? Which technologies should they choose to control the efficiency of their homes and businesses? How involved should they be in the shift towards renewables and de-carbonisation? To name but a few. While competition can bring great benefits for consumers, liberalisation of markets has its downsides and costs. Energy is an essential resource, and given that most liberalised markets move from a position of monopoly, then liberalised energy markets inevitably end up being heavily regulated. Regulation is designed to protect consumers but can come with significant costs particularly when regulatory intervention ends to pointless meddling. The UK energy market is a case in point where regulators and politicians can’t seem to keep their mitts out of intervening in the market. As a result, we’ve had pointless interventions and flawed “initiatives” – like TCRs and personal projections – which have cost the industry millions to implement adding to energy bills, confused the hell out of consumers, and have had to be scrapped. The UK regulator even went as far as forcing energy price comparison websites to advertise the products of unstable, unsustainable, poorly financed and badly managed energy suppliers. The result? 10 energy supplier failures in just over 12 months leaving almost a million customers with energy suppliers they never chose, tariffs they never signed up and wondering how they might get back any money they are owed. So, what are we planning to do about it? Our aim is to provide comprehensive usable research tools and articles that guide consumers through energy markets, looking at changing technologies globally and energy markets locally. Through a combination of research, analysis and relentless, hard-nosed deal hunting and negotiation we’ll aim to guide you through products and markets to help you make the right choices on the energy related products and services that you need or want. We’re starting in the UK as this is where our experience lies but will to be rolling out to a market near you as soon as we practically can. Are we aiming to make an honest buck or two in the process? Sure we are. We have hungry mouths to feed. Having been involved in the energy markets and price comparison businesses for 20 years, we know that a site like ours can only survive, and hopefully flourish, if we offer genuinely valuable services to our users. And, if we do, we feel confident that our users will reward us by using our site to make applications for the products and services we review and feature. Clearly there is no obligation on you to use any of our services – although we hope you will. To read more about how we make (or rather hope to make) money please read our disclosure page. That’s all for now folks. We’ll keep you posted with developments by updating this page from time to time.