What is the best way to switch energy supplier?

Switching energy supplier

With over 60 energy suppliers competing for your business, offering cut price deals which can slash your energy bills by £350 a year, in minutes, now is a great time to be shopping around for your energy. So, is it any wonder that energy households in the UK are switching energy supplier in record numbers?

Switching energy supplier really is very easy indeed and literally only takes a few minutes if you use an energy price comparison website like energyscanner.

But what if you don’t have (frequent) access to the Internet?

Perhaps you just want to talk to someone over the phone before you switch energy supplier?

No problem.

We’ve compiled this quick and easy guide which lists all the energy suppliers you can switch to through energyscanner.com. The energy suppliers are listed in the table below together with your energy switching options (online, phone or both).

If you are ready to switch energy supplier, great. Simply find the energy supplier you are interested in, and pick the switching option that suits you best.

If you’re new to switching, if you’re not sure who your energy supplier is, or if you need some other help and advice, you might want to have a quick read of some of these handy energy switching guides first.

How to switch energy supplier

Who supplies my energy?

How much money can I save by switching energy supplier?

But even for the savvy switchers out there, here are some quick reminder of a few switching basics?

Does it cost to switch energy supplier?

No, our energy comparison and switching service is free to use and we won’t charge you a penny. There is also no switching charge from the new energy supplier although you will of course need to pay for any energy you use.

If your current energy tariff has an exit penalty you may need to pay this if you leave more than 49 days before the tariff end date.

However, be very careful if using an energy auto-switching service. Some will charge you a fee for using their service.

How long does it take to switch energy supplier?

That’s an easy one. Normally it takes 3-4 weeks after your application date, which includes your 14-day mandatory cooling off period.

When can I switch energy supplier?

Pretty much any time you like, day or night. However, you might want to go a little easy in the following 2 circumstances.

Firstly, if you have switched energy supplier in the last 30 days you should wait until your earlier energy switch completes. Otherwise your energy switch could get into a right muddle and complicate the process.

Secondly, if your current energy tariff has an exit penalty then you should first check how much the exit penalty is, when it ends, and if switching energy supplier will save you more money than the exit penalty will cost you. Typical exit penalties are around £25-30 a fuel (£50-60 for dual fuel) whereas you could easily save £300 a year from switching. So in most cases it’s well worth it. However, it is worth checking just to be sure.

Ready to go…here’s the list.

Energy SupplierOnline SwitchingTelephone switching
Zebra Power0800 083 2819
Avro Energy0800 083 2819
Better EnergyNot currently accepting new customers
boostOnline0800 083 2819
Bristol Energy0800 083 2819
Bulb Energy0800 083 2819
Co-operative Energy0800 083 2819
E.ON0800 083 2819
EDF EnergyOnline
0800 083 2819
Enstroga0800 083 2819
Entice Energy0800 083 2819
ESB0800 083 2819
GnERGY0800 083 2819
Go Effortless Energy
0800 083 2819
Good Energy0800 083 2819
green energy uk0800 083 2819
Green Network Energy
0800 083 2819
Green Star EnergyOnline
Gulf Gas & Power0800 083 2819
Igloo Energy
0800 083 2819
isupplyenergy0800 083 2819
Lumo0800 083 2819
npower0800 083 2819
0800 083 2819
Octopus Energy0800 083 2819
Orbit Energy0800 083 2819
OVO energyOnline
PFP EnergyOnline
Pure Planet
0800 083 2819
Shell EnergyOnline
Simplicity0800 083 2819
So Energy0800 083 2819
Spark Energy0800 083 2819
SSE0800 083 2819
SSE Southern Electric0800 083 2819
SSE Scottish Hydro0800 083 2819
SSE Swalec0800 083 2819
Together Energy0800 083 2819
Tonik Energy0800 083 2819
Utilita0800 083 2819
Utility PointOnline0800 083 2819

Or you can get started by popping your postcode into the box below and clicking Compare Now.

Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better deal in minutes.

All done. Great. Now put your feet up and let us, and your new energy supplier take care of the rest of the energy switch for you.