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EDF Energy bill explained

Confused by your EDF Energy bill? We totally get it.

Let’s be honest. Who actually bothers to spend the time looking at the detail of what’s on their bill? You know you should, but who hasn’t got better things to do. And if truth be told, energy suppliers have not made it easy to either understand the calculations or get to the few important bits of information that you really need, particularly if you want to compare energy prices or switch energy supplier. To be fair to energy suppliers, a lot of what is on your bill is determined by regulation (boo!), some of it from Brussels (boo again!) but even so, energy bills are so over complicated.

Luckily, we are here to help. So, let’s get down to business.

What does my EDF Energy bill look like?

EDF Energy produces slightly different bills depending upon how you pay your bill and on which fuels you buy from them; gas, electricity or both.

However, all EDF Energy bills follow the same basic template and contain the same basic information like your account details, how much you owe them (aarrghhh!) and also some useful stuff like whether you can save money by switching to a different tariff.

The examples below are sample energy bills (courtesy of EDF Energy) for customers paying by monthly direct debit. We like to be thorough and considered (for about 1 second) including all possible variations but didn’t want to melt the Internet or bore you to death.

We’ll follow the numbers on the EDF Energy bill below and high-light those bits of information that you need to use for energy comparisons and switching.

1. Your account number

Only required if you are contacting EDF Energy


2. Bill date

3. EDF Energy contact details

4. Billing Period

The start and end dates covered by the bill. Important information if you are checking your bill amount.

5. Balance carried forward from your previous energy bill

6. Amount you paid to EDF Energy since your last energy bill

7. Your energy charges for the billing period (a detailed breakdown of which is shown in 15 below.

8. Your account balance.

This will either be in credit (EDF Energy owes you money) or in debit (you owe them money).

9. Stuff about your direct debit payment

This is actually quite important because it will tell you if your payments are changing and by how much.

10. Address where the energy is being supplied

11. Your Personal Projection

This is a forecast of what you are expected to pay over the next 12 months based on your estimated 12 months energy usage. Be careful here because if your tariff is ending within the next 12 months it contains some potentially inaccurate assumptions about what the follow-on costs are. This applies to all energy suppliers and not just EDF Energy.

12. Alternative tariffs

This section shows if you can get better alternative deals with EDF Energy except it doesn’t include all deals offered by EDF Energy through all their different routes to market. If you have got to this point without falling asleep, then better to read on, pick out the bits of information required to do an energy comparison (high-lighted in red) and use our energy comparison service to check alternative deals across the market.

13. Ignore this


14. Not shown on this sample bill BUT…. If present will include potentially important information such as refunds or tariff and price changes.

15. Your charges

This is the part that shows the detail of how your energy bills have been calculated. If you are that way minded, this is the bit you might want to check to ensure that

– Meter reads have been applied accurately and

– The correct tariff rates are applied to those units

16. Direct debit identifier (if that’s how you pay); otherwise absent


17. IMPORTANT Meter Point Information

This is important information that you MAY need (not always required but very handy to have around) if you are making an application to switch energy supplier.

18. IMPORTANT Tariff Information

To get an accurate comparison you will need this information, particularly the tariff name, your payment method and your projected energy usage. This should also show when your tariff ends and if there is an exit penalty.

edf-energy-bill-page-3-energyscanner19. FAQs

20. Your energy usage

For geeks only – shown as bar charts and graphs.







So, if you’re still awake after reading this, give yourself a huge slap on the back, grab the details you need for a comparison (10, 16, 17 and 18) and head over to our comparison service by popping your postcode into the box below. Why? Because it’s real easy, takes just a few minutes and could save you £100’s….

Why pay more for the same energy?

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