EDF Energy

EDF Energy supplier snapshot

Who are EDF Energy?

EDF Energy is often referred to as one of the Big 6 energy suppliers. In the UK EDF Energy is involved in the supply of gas and electricity to commercial, residential and industrial customers and in the generation of electricity from nuclear, coal, gas and renewable sources. If services around 5 million domestic gas and electricity customer accounts. EDF Energy is part of the Electricite de France SA group, one of the largest diversified energy companies in the world.

What products and services does EDF Energy offer?

EDF Energy offers a range of tariffs for domestic consumers. These include;

  • Simply Online tariffs – discounted fixed rate online tariffs offering the option to get a free upgrade to a smart meter.
  • Blue+Price Freeze / Blue+Price Protection – fixed rate tariffs with electricity sourced from renewable generation and no exit penalties (please check tariff details to confirm)
  • Energy+Heating Control – fixed rate tariffs that include smart home devices within the price
  • Standard Variable Rate tariff – a variable rate tariff with no exit penalty.

Does EDF Energy offer renewable energy tariffs?

Yes it does.

Because EDF Energy is a significant generator of nuclear power in the UK, it’s overall fuel mix is dominated by energy from nuclear sources. Correspondingly the proportion of renewable energy that is sells is less than half the UK average. On the flip side, because electricity generation from nuclear has very low carbon emission intensity, EDF Energy carbon emissions are less than half the UK average.

Can I get a smart meter from EDF Energy?

Yes you can.

Some tariffs, such as the Easy Online range, are designed to attract customers who may want to have a smart installed (although this is not mandatory). However, any EDF Energy customer can request a fee smart meter installation.

What is EDF Energy customer service like?

Based on the proportion of switches through our partner platform that complete successfully first time, we have awarded EDF Energy 4 stars (90% plus first-time completion).

Reviews from other sites vary, although Trustpilot reviews ralso ate EDF Energy as excellent.

Ofgem satisfaction surveys show that around 70% of customers are satisfied with EDF Energy customer service, ease of understanding bills and contactability.

What are EDF Energy financials like?

EDF Energy in the UK is part of the Electricite de France SA group, one of the largest diversified energy companies in the world. At end 2015, the group had net assets of 279 billion Euros.

It probably goes without saying but is worth pointing out nevertheless that, given the financial strength of the group, there negligible financial risk to being on supply with EDF Energy.

Is EDF Energy signed up to the Warm Home Discount?

Yes it is.

That means if you are eligible for the Warm Home Discount and you switch to EDF Energy then you will still get it.

Is EDF Energy signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Yes it is.

This means that EDF Energy operates a faster switching service than other energy supplier. Therefore, your switch will take no more than 21 days from the date that EDF energy receives your completed application.

Why we like EDF Energy?

  • Financially secure energy supplier
  • Broad range of competitive energy tariffs
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Very good to excellent customer service
  • Energy switch guarantee, which means your switch will happen in 21 days or less.

How can I switch to EDF Energy?

Simple, just pop your postcode into the box below to compare EDF Energy tariffs and apply for the one that is best for you.

Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better deal in minutes.

Energy supplierCurrent StatusLicenced?
Number of customers
Affect EnergyOperating - passiveElectricity – yes
Gas – No
(revoked 14 Feb 2022 due to non-use)
22,000 domestic
(40,000 accounts)
(as at 31 Aug 2018)
Affect Energy was sold to Octopus Energy in a trade sale in Aug 2018 for an undisclosed 7 figure sum.
(Affect energy had £1m of net debt at the time, so that 7 figures may have been just to clear the debts – who knows).
Affect Energy now operates as a white label brand of Octopus Energy.
Ceased trading
8 Nov 2021
Licenses revoked 7 Nov 2021
600 domestic
2000 business
Customer accounts transferred to Yü Energy.
09 Jul 2022NEO Energy
Northumbria Energy
(UK Energy Incubator Hub Ltd)
3,000 domesticOctopus Energy
18 Feb 2022Whoop Energy
(Whoop Energy Limited)
50 domestic
212 business
Yü Energy
18 Jan 2022Together Energy
(Together Energy (Retail) Limited)
176,000 domesticBritish Gas
18 Jan 2022Bristol Energy
(Bristol Energy Limited)
Included aboveBritish Gas
1 Dec 2021Zog Energy
(Zog Energy Ltd)
11,700 domesticEDF Energy
25 Nov 2021Orbit Energy
(Orbit Energy Limited)
65,000 domesticScottishPower
25 Nov 2021Entice Energy
(Entice Energy Supply Limited)
(Simply Your Energy Limited)
5,400 domesticScottishPower
24 Nov 2021Bulb Energy
(Bulb Energy Limited)
1,700,000 domestic


16 Nov 2021Neon Energy
(Neon Energy Limited)
30,000 domesticBritish Gas
16 Nov 2021Social Energy
(Social Energy Supply Ltd)
5,500 domesticBritish Gas
3 Nov 2021CNG Energy
(CNG Energy Limited)
41,000 businessPozitive Energy
2 Nov 2021Zebra Power
(Zebra Power Limited)
14,800 domesticBritish Gas
2 Nov 2021Omni Energy Ltd
(Omni Energy Ltd)
6,000 domesticUtilita
2 Nov 2021Ampoweruk Ltd
(Ampoweruk Ltd)
600 domestic
2000 business
Yü Energy
Only part of the credit balances
of business customers protected
2 Nov 2021MA Energy
(MA Energy Limited)
300 businessSmartestEnergy Business
1 Nov 2021bluegreen
(Bluegreen Energy Services Limited)
5,900 domesticBritish Gas
18 Oct 2021goto.energy
(Goto Energy (UK) Limited)
22,000 domesticShell Energy
14 Oct 2021Daligas
(Daligas Limited)
9000 domestic
and business
Shell Energy
13 Oct 2021Pure Planet
(Pure Planet Limited)
235,000 domestic Shell Energy
13 Oct 2021Colorado Energy
(Colorado Energy Limited)
15,000 domesticShell Energy
29 Sep 2021Igloo Energy
(Igloo Energy Supply Limited)
179,000 domesticE.ON Next
29 Sep 2021Symbio Energy
(Symbio Energy Limited)
48,000 domesticE.ON Next
29 Sep 2021ENSTROGA
6,000 domesticE.ON Next
22 Sep 2021Avro Energy
(Avro Energy Limited)
580,000 domesticOctopus Energy
22 Sep 2021green.energy
(Green Supplier Limited)
255,000 domesticShell Energy
14 Sep 2021Utility Point
(Utility Point Limited)
220,000 domesticEDF Energy
14 Sep 2021People's Energy
(People's Energy (Supply) Limited)
350,000 domestic
1,000 business
British Gas
7 Sep 2021PFP Energy
(PFP Energy Limited)
80,000 domestic
5,000 business
British Gas
7 Sep 2021MoneyPlus Energy Limited
(MoneyPlus Energy Limited)
9,000 domesticBritish Gas
9 Aug 2021Hub Energy
(Gas and Power Limited)
6,000 domestic
9,000 business
E.ON Next
27 Jan 2021Green Network Energy
(Green Network Energy Ltd)
360,000 domesticEDF Energy
27 Jan 2021Simplicity Energy
(Simplicity Energy Limited)
50,000 domesticBritish Gas Evolve
02 Dec 2020Yorkshire Energy
(Daisy Energy Supply Limited)
74,000 domesticScottishPower
06 Oct 2020Tonik Energy
(Tonik Energy Ltd)
130,000 domesticScottishPower
03 Sep 2020Go Effortless Energy
(Effortless Energy Ltd )
2,500 domesticOctopus Energy
18 Mar 2020GnERGY
(Gnergy Ltd)
9,000 domesticBulb
18 Dec 2019Breeze Energy
(Breeze Energy Supply Limited)
18,000 domesticBritish Gas
23 Oct 2019Toto Energy
(TOTO Energy Limited)
134,000 domesticEDF Energy
15 Oct 2019Uttily Energy
(Rutherford Energy Supply Limited)
280 businessTotal Gas and Power
6 Sep 2019Eversmart Energy
(Eversmart Energy Ltd)
29,000 domesicUtilita
13 Aug 2019Solarplicity
(Solarplicity Supply Limited)
7,500 domestic
500 business
9 Aug 2019Cardiff Energy Supply
(Cardiff Energy Supply Limited)
800 domesticSSE
11 Mar 2019Brilliant Energy
(Brilliant Energy Supply Limited)
17,000 domesticSSE
25 Jan 2019Our Power
(Our Power Energy Supply Limited)
31,000 domesticUtilita
8 Jan 2019Economy Energy
(Economy Energy Trading Limited)
235,000 domesticOVO Energy
10 Dec 2018One Select
(One Select Energy Supply Limited)
36,000 domesticTogether Energy
10 Dec 2018Spark Energy
(Spark Energy Supply Limited)
290,000 domesticOVO Energy
21 Nov 2018Extra Energy
(Extra Energy Supply Limited)
108,000 domestic
21,000 business
15 Oct 2018Usio Energy
(Usio Energy Supply Limited)
7, 000 domesticFirst Utility
Sep 2018Gen4U
(Gen4u Ltd)
500 domesticOctopus Energy
27 Jul 2018Iresa
Iresa Limited
90,000 domesticOctopus Energy
Jul 2018National Gas and Power Limited80 businessHudson Energy
25 Jan 2018Future Energy
Future Energy Utilities Limited
10,000 domesticGreen Star Energy
26 Nov 2016GB Energy Supply
GB Energy Supply Ltd
160,000 domesticCo-operative Energy

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