Which energy suppliers have gone bust?

The table below lists UK energy suppliers which have gone bust since November 2016. Although there were occasional failures prior to this date, they were few and far between. GB Energy Supply, which spectacularly imploded in November 2016 marked the first of the failures of the huge wave of domestic energy suppliers that entered the UK energy market under Ofgem rules that allowed energy suppliers to get a license with little if any capital, and with no relevant industry experience.

We’ll update this page with new data as more energy companies collapse. Please check back regularly (if you’re into that sort of thing).

In the meantime, if your old energy supplier appears on this list here is what you need to do.

Energy suppliers that have gone bust

The data in the table below has been sourced from multiple public domain sources. Source data includes announcements from industry regulator Ofgem, cross-checked with energy supplier websites and Companies House filings.

The Supplier column shows the name of the failed energy supplier.

The new supplier column shows which energy supplier was appointed by Ofgem to take over the failed supplier’s customer base under the SOLR (Supplier of Last Resort) provisions.

DateSupplierNo. of customers
affected (approx.)
New supplierCustomers affected - domestic (cumulative)
11 Mar 2019Brilliant Energy
(Brilliant Energy Supply Limited)
17,000 domesticSSE984,500
25 Jan 2019Our Power
(Our Power Energy Supply Limited)
31,000 domesticUtilita967,500
8 Jan 2019Economy Energy
(Economy Energy Trading Limited)
235,000 domesticOVO Energy936,500
10 Dec 2018One Select
(One Select Energy Supply Limited)
36,000 domesticTogether Energy701,500
10 Dec 2018Spark Energy
(Spark Energy Supply Limited)
290,000 domesticOVO Energy665,500
21 Nov 2018Extra Energy
(Extra Energy Supply Limited)
108,000 domestic
21,000 business
15 Oct 2018Usio Energy
(Usio Energy Supply Limited)
7, 000 domesticFirst Utility267,500
Sep 2018Gen4U
(Gen4u Ltd)
500 domesticOctopus Energy260,500
27 Jul 2018Iresa
Iresa Limited
90,000 domestic (approx.)Octopus Energy260,000
Jul 2018National Gas and Power Limited80 businessHudson Energy
25 Jan 2018Future Energy
Future Energy Utilities Limited
10,000 domesticGreen Star Energy170,000
26 Nov 2016GB Energy Supply
GB Energy Supply Ltd
160,000 domesticCo-operative Energy160,000

Other energy suppliers withdrawing from the market

For the record, here is a list of energy suppliers who have exited the market in a more orderly way (without crashing and burning).

DateSupplierNo. of customers
affected (approx.)
Exit typeNew supplier
5 Feb 2019Sainsbury's Energy

Not disclosedWithdrawal from marketBritish Gas

No change to supplier as already supplied by British Gas
31 Aug 2018Affect Energy
(Affect Energy Ltd)

22,000 domesticTrade saleOctopus Energy
25 Jan 2018Flow Energy
(Flow Energy Limited))
230,000 domesticTrade sale (at distressed prices)Co-operative Energy
21 Dec 2017Brighter World Energy
(Brighter World Energy Ltd)
UnknownOrderly wind downRobin Hood Energy

Company Announcements

And here is the sorry story in pictures….in reverse chronological order.

Brilliant Energy



Our Power



Economy Energy


One Select



Spark Energy



Extra Energy


Usio Energy






Future Energy


GB Energy Supply


That’s all for now. More to follow we’re sure.

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Last update: 12 March 2019