Which energy suppliers have gone bust?

Last updated: 29 October 2022

The UK Energy Supplier Implode-O-Meter

Since August 2021 (when the UK energy crisis kicked off)


domestic UK energy supply companies have “imploded”*

Since November 2016 (when the regulator Ofgem allowed literally any man and dog opetation to set up an energy supply business in the UK)


domestic UK energy supply companies have “imploded”

* Note. This may not sound like much but it means that more than half of all UK energy supply companies have gone bust in the last year.

Bulb Energy bought by Octopus Energy

The saga of the largest energy supplier failure of 2021 (actually the largest UK energy supplier failure ever) is drawing to a close. It has been announced that Octopus Energy has reached a deal with the Special Administrators will acquire Bulb Energy for an undisclosed sum. That sum is rumoured to be between £100 and £200 million + a share of any profits that Octopus make from the deal over the next 4 years. The transaction is scheduled to complete in mid Nov 2022. From that point onwards, Bulb Energy customers will be transferred over to Octopus.

We will post more information as we get it. Check out our Bulb Energy Review for more information.

Energy supplier failures 2022

UK Energy Incubator Hub Limited (UKEIH) has had its remaining 3,000 customers accounts transferred to Octopus Energy. UKEIH operates under the under the 2 brands of Neo Energy and Northumbria Energy. Technically, this is not an energy supplier failure in the traditional sense, since the company has not ceased trading. Instead, it is the first order made under the new ongoing “fit and proper” requirement for energy suppliers. However, since it means that UK Energy Incubator Hub can no longer operate as an energy supplier it has the same effect from a customer persective. Therefore it is included here.

Together Energy (Retail) Limited, and its subsidiary Bristol Energy, have both ceased trading. That adds another 176,000 to the number of displaced energy consumers, making 4.44m since Jan 2021.

This follows on from the largest failure of last year, which was Bulb Energy. Bulb Energy, the 7th largest energy supplier with around 1.76 million customers, has gone into Special Administration. Taxpayers are on the hook for up to £2.2 billion to see Bulb just through the winter of 2021/2022. To learn more about why Bulb didn’t make it, take a look at Bulb Energy Financials.

If your energy supplier has just gone bust, and you are need advice on what to do, please check our handy guide What to do if your energy supplier goes bust.

In the table below we show a complete list of all domestic energy suppliers that have gone bust since November 2016.

Energy supplier failures 2021

26 domestic energy suppliers went bust in 2021

In 2021, 4.27 million households were affected by energy supplier failures. That is more than treble (+246%) the number of customers affected by energy supplier failures in 2018, 2019 AND 2020 combined.

While the number of energy suppliers now left is less than the number that failed in 2021, it does not mean that we are out of the woods yet. We expect more energy suppliers will go bust before the winter is out. Some gloom and doomsters have predicted that all but 12 energy suppliers will be left once we are out of this train wreck. We were not quite so pessimistic. But only becaue we expected government would step in with bailouts if that looked likely. However, (not for) Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has made it clear that the energy price cap will not be adjusted before 1 Apil 2022. Which means that, until then, energy suppliers are expected to incur huge losses supplying subsidised energy to consumers; something that they simply cannot afford.

It’s an ugly picture. However, with the next review of the energy price cap fast approaching, some relief for energy suppliers, in the form of much higher energy bills for consumers, is coming.

  • 47 energy suppliers have gone bust since 2016
  • 5.83 million customers switched to other energy suppliers

Some of the energy suppliers appointed by Ofgem to rescue “failed suppliers” have now gone bust themselves. Indeed, some poor customers will now have been with 2 or 3 failed suppliers.

Energy crisis? What crisis?

Full list of energy suppliers that have gone bust

On this page we provide a complete list of all domestic energy suppliers that have gone bust since November 2016.  This is shown in the Table below. The table is updated regularly, as soon as new information becomes available.. Please check back regularly (if you’re into that sort of thing). Or follow us on Twitter and pick up the info as soon as it breaks.

Some energy suppliers have managed to exit without going bust. These exits, usually a trade sale of the business or the customer base, are summarised in a separate table (also below).

While the recent flood of energy supplier bankruptcies has been triggered by the current energy crisis, and crystallised by the energy price cap, Ofgem’s laid back approach to energy supplier market entry really hasn’t helped any. Just saying…

Data sources on energy companies that have gone bust

We source the data from multiple public domain sources. This includes announcements from industry regulator Ofgem, cross-checked with energy supplier websites and Companies House filings.

The new supplier column shows the energy supplier appointed by Ofgem to take over the failed supplier’s customer base. This is undertaken under the SOLR (Supplier of Last Resort) provisions.

Note. Here we only count energy suppliers that supply domestic properties in the running total. Energy suppliers supplying business properties are listed in the table below but not counted towards the total. Business energy suppliers will be listed in a seperate table and separate page soon.

DateSupplierNo. of customers
affected (approx.)
New supplierCustomers affected cumulative
(domestic apprx.)
09 Jul 2022NEO Energy
Northumbria Energy
(UK Energy Incubator Hub Ltd)
3,000 domesticOctopus Energy5,837,250
18 Feb 2022Xcel Power Limited
(Xcel Power Limited)
274 businessYü Energy5,834,250
18 Feb 2022Whoop Energy
(Whoop Energy Limited)
50 domestic
212 business
Yü Energy5,834,250
18 Jan 2022Together Energy
(Together Energy (Retail) Limited)
176,000 domesticBritish Gas5,834,200
18 Jan 2022Bristol Energy
(Bristol Energy Limited)
Included aboveBritish Gas5,834,200
1 Dec 2021Zog Energy
(Zog Energy Ltd)
11,700 domesticEDF Energy5,658,200
25 Nov 2021Orbit Energy
(Orbit Energy Limited)
65,000 domesticScottishPower5,646,500
25 Nov 2021Entice Energy
(Entice Energy Supply Limited)
(Simply Your Energy Limited)
5,400 domesticScottishPower5,581,500
24 Nov 2021Bulb Energy
(Bulb Energy Limited)
1,700,000 domestic


To be acquired by Octopus Energy late Nov 2022
16 Nov 2021Neon Energy
(Neon Energy Limited)
30,000 domesticBritish Gas3,876,100
16 Nov 2021Social Energy
(Social Energy Supply Ltd)
5,500 domesticBritish Gas3,846,100
3 Nov 2021CNG Energy
(CNG Energy Limited)
41,000 businessPozitive Energy3,840,600
2 Nov 2021Zebra Power
(Zebra Power Limited)
14,800 domesticBritish Gas3,840,600
2 Nov 2021Omni Energy Ltd
(Omni Energy Ltd)
6,000 domesticUtilita3,825,800
2 Nov 2021Ampoweruk Ltd
(Ampoweruk Ltd)
600 domestic
2000 business
Yü Energy
Only part of the credit balances
of business customers protected
2 Nov 2021MA Energy
(MA Energy Limited)
300 businessSmartestEnergy Business3,819,200
1 Nov 2021bluegreen
(Bluegreen Energy Services Limited)
5,900 domesticBritish Gas3,819,200
18 Oct 2021goto.energy
(Goto Energy (UK) Limited)
22,000 domesticShell Energy3,813,300
14 Oct 2021Daligas
(Daligas Limited)
9000 domestic
and business
Shell Energy3,791,300
13 Oct 2021Pure Planet
(Pure Planet Limited)
235,000 domestic Shell Energy3,782,300
13 Oct 2021Colorado Energy
(Colorado Energy Limited)
15,000 domesticShell Energy3,547,300
29 Sep 2021Igloo Energy
(Igloo Energy Supply Limited)
179,000 domesticE.ON Next3,532,300
29 Sep 2021Symbio Energy
(Symbio Energy Limited)
48,000 domesticE.ON Next3,353,300
29 Sep 2021ENSTROGA
6,000 domesticE.ON Next3,305,300
22 Sep 2021Avro Energy
(Avro Energy Limited)
580,000 domesticOctopus Energy3,299,300
22 Sep 2021green.energy
(Green Supplier Limited)
255,000 domesticShell Energy2,719,300
14 Sep 2021Utility Point
(Utility Point Limited)
220,000 domesticEDF Energy2,464,300
14 Sep 2021People's Energy
(People's Energy (Supply) Limited)
350,000 domestic
1,000 business
British Gas2,244,300
7 Sep 2021PFP Energy
(PFP Energy Limited)
80,000 domestic
5,000 business
British Gas1,894,300
7 Sep 2021MoneyPlus Energy Limited
(MoneyPlus Energy Limited)
9,000 domesticBritish Gas1,814,300
9 Aug 2021Hub Energy
(Gas and Power Limited)
6,000 domestic
9,000 business
E.ON Next1,805,300
27 Jan 2021Green Network Energy
(Green Network Energy Ltd)
360,000 domesticEDF Energy1,799,300
27 Jan 2021Simplicity Energy
(Simplicity Energy Limited)
50,000 domesticBritish Gas Evolve1,439,300
02 Dec 2020Yorkshire Energy
(Daisy Energy Supply Limited)
74,000 domesticScottishPower1,389,300
06 Oct 2020Tonik Energy
(Tonik Energy Ltd)
130,000 domesticScottishPower1,315,300
03 Sep 2020Go Effortless Energy
(Effortless Energy Ltd )
2,500 domesticOctopus Energy1,185,300
18 Mar 2020GnERGY
(Gnergy Ltd)
9,000 domesticBulb1,182,800
18 Dec 2019Breeze Energy
(Breeze Energy Supply Limited)
18,000 domesticBritish Gas1,173,800
23 Oct 2019Toto Energy
(TOTO Energy Limited)
134,000 domesticEDF Energy1,155,800
15 Oct 2019Uttily Energy
(Rutherford Energy Supply Limited)
280 businessTotal Gas and Power
6 Sep 2019Eversmart Energy
(Eversmart Energy Ltd)
29,000 domesicUtilita1,021,800

13 Aug 2019Solarplicity
(Solarplicity Supply Limited)
7,500 domestic
500 business

9 Aug 2019Cardiff Energy Supply
(Cardiff Energy Supply Limited)
800 domesticSSE985,300
11 Mar 2019Brilliant Energy
(Brilliant Energy Supply Limited)
17,000 domesticSSE984,500
25 Jan 2019Our Power
(Our Power Energy Supply Limited)
31,000 domesticUtilita967,500
8 Jan 2019Economy Energy
(Economy Energy Trading Limited)
235,000 domesticOVO Energy936,500
10 Dec 2018One Select
(One Select Energy Supply Limited)
36,000 domesticTogether Energy701,500
10 Dec 2018Spark Energy
(Spark Energy Supply Limited)
290,000 domesticOVO Energy665,500
21 Nov 2018Extra Energy
(Extra Energy Supply Limited)
108,000 domestic
21,000 business
15 Oct 2018Usio Energy
(Usio Energy Supply Limited)
7, 000 domesticFirst Utility267,500
Sep 2018Gen4U
(Gen4u Ltd)
500 domesticOctopus Energy260,500
27 Jul 2018Iresa
Iresa Limited
90,000 domesticOctopus Energy260,000
Jul 2018National Gas and Power Limited80 businessHudson Energy
25 Jan 2018Future Energy
Future Energy Utilities Limited
10,000 domesticGreen Star Energy170,000
26 Nov 2016GB Energy Supply
GB Energy Supply Ltd
160,000 domesticCo-operative Energy160,000
Source: energyscanner.com

Energy suppliers withdrawing from the market

For the record, here is a list of energy suppliers who have exited the market in a more orderly way (without crashing and burning).

DateSupplierNo. of customers
affected (approx.)
Exit typeNew supplier
15 Jan 2020SSE3.5 millionTrade saleOVO
29 Nov 2019Green Star Energy200,000Trade saleShell Energy
18 Sep 2019npower3.8 millionTrade saleE.ON
29 Aug 2019Co-operative Energy300,000Trade sale / Strategic partnershipOctopus Energy
5 Feb 2019Sainsbury's Energy

Not disclosedWithdrawal from marketBritish Gas

No change to supplier as customers already supplied by British Gas
31 Aug 2018Affect Energy

22,000 domesticTrade saleOctopus Energy
25 Jan 2018Flow Energy

230,000 domesticTrade sale (at distressed prices)Co-operative Energy
21 Dec 2017Brighter World Energy

UnknownOrderly wind downRobin Hood Energy

Yorkshire Energy goes bust

Yorkshire Energy ceased trading on 2 Dec 2020.  The company that actually went into administration is called Daisy Energy Supply Limited – don’t ask. Yorkshire Energy was a trading name. It was the fourth domestic energy supplier to go bust in 2020.

The now bust energy supplier had approximately 74,000 domestic customer accounts. These were moved over to ScottishPower. Scottish Power did not publicly announce which tariffs these customers landed on.

What caused Yorkshire Energy to crash and burn?

Joe Malinowski, founder of energyscanner.com noted.

“Yorkshire Energy were making decent progress and seemed to know what they were doing – by energy supplier standards anyway which, to be fair, aren’t particularly demanding. They even managed to get decent customer service reviews. At the point of failing, their revenue run rate would have been around £60m per annum.”

“Their problem, like so many other failed energy suppliers, seems to have been their business model. Losing money by selling energy below cost in a market where everyone else is losing money by selling energy on the cheap, was never going to end well. So it’s adios to another energy company.”

According to the latest published financials statements of Yorkshire Energy (Daisy Energy Supply Limited). In the year ended 31 March 2019;

Revenue:             Not published

Loss:                     Not published – energyscanner estimate £2.6m

Balance sheet as at 31 March 2019

Net Assets           (£3m) – ie negative £3m

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Company Announcements

And here is the sorry story in pictures….in reverse chronological order.

Breeze Energy goes bust

Breeze Energy is the latest domestic energy supplier to go bust. It is the 16th domestic energy supplier to fail and the 8th to fail in 2019.


Toto Energy

If you were a Toto Energy customer and want to check the EDF Energy deal you’ve been offered (Welcome Apr20) call us to get a comparison over the phone…

0800 083 2819


Eversmart Energy

Eversmart Energy seem to have been so keen to exit the market they haven’t even bothered to keep their website live. Anyone who was with Eversmart Energy and needs to contact them well, I’m afraid you are all out of luck.

If you were an Eversmart Energy customer and don’t like the Utilita deal you’ve been offered….

…. pop your postcode into the box below to check online.

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Cardiff Energy Supply


Brilliant Energy


Our Power

Millions of pounds of public funds were wasted on this doomed venture.


Economy Energy


One Select


Spark Energy


Extra Energy


Usio Energy






Future Energy


GB Energy Supply

GB Energy Supply spectacularly imploded in November 2016. It was the first of the failures of the group of domestic energy suppliers that entered the UK energy market under Ofgem rules which allowed energy suppliers to get a license with little if any capital, and with no relevant industry experience.


That’s all for now. More to follow we’re sure.

Remember, you do not have to accept any new energy deal you are offered by the new supplier who takes over your supply. What you absolutely should do is a comparison to see how that deal stacks up. If necessary, leg it out of there. Pop your postcode into the box below to check online.

Why pay more for the same energy?

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Got a story you’d like to share?

If your energy supplier has gone bust and you have an interesting story you’d like to share then please get in touch. You can either leave a comment or get in touch via our Contact Form. Adding comments is subject to our Terms and Acceptable Use Policy.


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10 thoughts on "Which energy suppliers have gone bust?"

  1. Paul says:

    Sadly good energy has now gone bust another one sadly it used to be a good supplier but sadly now it’s gone I feel for the staff who are to be made redundant

    1. Joe Malinowski says:

      Hi Paul,
      I’m not sure that is correct.
      Good Energy Group Plc is a UK quoted business and as far as we can see, it is still trading.

    2. Sir John says:

      Is there more than one Good Energy?

      I have been using them for some months now, and are still in contact with their staffs! They must still be trading. They even have the time to assist me with energy related issues. I trust you are not trying to create an atmosphere of customer fear?

      1. Joe Malinowski says:

        I think Paul may have mistaken them for a different company. As things currently stand, Good Energy is still trading – today anyway.

  2. Suzanne chapman says:

    Is Shell still trading?

  3. JohnWJ says:

    I’m relying my supplier, Bulb Energy, to inform me of one of their closest competitors with whom I could enjoy a favourable deal. I understand that Bulb Energy is yet another supplier approaching the shut down. I have enjoyed the service offered by Bulb Energy and without foresight I have been recommending them to all and sundry.

    1. Joe Malinowski says:

      Hi John,
      Well Bulb Energy haven’t gone yet and with 1.7 million domestic customers, if they fail, it really would cause some shocks in the system. Hang in there and let’s hope it all works out.

  4. Joe Malinowski says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Yes Shell Energy is still trading. Very much so.
    You don’t need to worry about Shell going bust on you. Shell Energy is one of the major global energy giants. Their retail energy operations in the UK are a tiny, tiny part of the global Shell empire. In fact as a major producer of oil and gas, any losses they may make on supplying energy to retail customers in the UK will be dwarfed by the profits they will make from gas production.
    The advertising slogan (going back to the 1930’s I believe) “You can be sure of Shell” is pretty apt in the current ciscumstances.

  5. Bernard Armitage says:

    Good riddance to Symbio Energy. Why Ofgem have allowed them to continue until now beats me. The had already been hauled over the coals previously by Ofgem regarding non payment of their renewables payment and it appears that they have been doing this again – not to mention their appalling “Customer Service” rating. (see customer reports on Trust Pilot) I was unwise enough to have been a customer of Symbio Energy in the past and they put their own totally false usage figures into my account, despite my sending them a meter reading every month, thereby creating a debit amount of over £71 on my account when I knew I was actually a small amount in credit. I stopped my Direct Debit to stop them causing my payment whereupon they threatened action if I did not reinstate it. I reported this affair to the Ombudsman and the result was an apology from Symbio Energy for their “poor customer service” and their errors and recalculated my account and offered me £25. The Ombudsman thought that this was a satisfactory outcome – I didn’t accept this and pointed out to the Ombudsman that this attempted fraud, which I had spotted and defeated, was quite likely to have been used on other customers as well. They were not prepared to take the matter any further, so I sent all the details of my complaint to both Ofgem and The Consumers’ Association. The latter did not reply at all and Ofgem merely sent an automated acknowledgment of receipt of my letter.

  6. Joe Malinowski says:

    Hey Bernard,
    We sympathise with your rant. Seems like you saw the writing on the wall and got out of there before it crashed and burned.

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